Canyon ISD students gather for Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving is less than a week away, but students at one local school got to celebrate early.

It was Midway Alternative High School that enjoyed turkey and all the trimmings today, and for many of the students, this may be their only holiday celebration.

Midway is part of Canyon Independent School District. It's trying to reach out to at-risk students who may fail to get their diplomas.

"We think way outside the box. We let the kids learn at their own pace, we let them kind of go about how they want to learn. If they want to do a lot of written work, computer work, or even verbal whatever the kiddos need," said Shawn Neeley, Midway Principal.

Many of the kids are facing problems like homelessness, or they just have a hard tim learning and working in a large school environment. That's what Friday's Thanksgiving dinner was about, giving a high five to the kids for their hard work, but also providing a Thanksgiving many of them may not get.

"One of the big reasons that we like to do it is because some of our students may not be able to have a traditional Thanksgiving meal so we want to give that to them," said Neeley.

"Very appreciative for the blessings that we have and then just to see the look on their face when they come through the door. They're anxiously excited and it just brings a bright spot to their day," said Rhonda Obenhaus, Culinary Arts Teacher.

"It's exciting I can see how much the, we mean to the school I really respect it," said Daulton Eastin, Midway Senior.

Principal Neeley says it's also important that they have events like these, to help build relationships between teachers and students.

"That's what drives us. That's the engine that drives this entire thing. It's the thing about this school as far as these kids succeeding as long as the kids know that the teachers care, and they know we care about them and we want them to succeed," said Neeley.

Sounds like a Thanksgiving recipe for success.

This was the fourth year Midway has gathered for this feast. The culinary arts students prepared the meal. They started cooking on Monday for the dinner.

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