Canyon ISD ESL summer camp

Some Canyon Independent School District students are spending their summer in school. It's for an English as a second language summer camp that will help them get ready for the new school year by teaching them their ABC's and 123's.

Pronews 7 is featuring the camp in this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education report.

School officials say they worry that, during the summer, the students will only speak their native language. That's why they put together this ESL summer program.

"The summer school is just helping them build on that so they don't regress during the summer time. That they're right there where they need to be for the upcoming school year," said Amber Wall, Crestview Kindergarten Teacher.

But it looks like the learning is fun here. From computer games and books, to ABC's and even singing. It's also more scaled down in class size, giving the students more one on one time with their teacher.

"Its more relaxed than, you know, during a school year where you have 20 to 22 kids in a class, we have 7, so it's a little more hands on, and one on one experience," said Wall.

Learning school stuff isn't the only thing going on here, the summer camp also helps the kids learn how to socialize.

"I think it doesn't only teach them the academic skills they need, it also gives them a chance to socialize with other kids that may not necessarily speak the same language, but are learning english like they are," said Wall.

The ESL summer camp is just one of many programs Canyon ISD and other school districts host to help students learn English.

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