Canyon considers brush site options after overflow from Amarillo residents

Canyon considers brush site options after overflow from Amarillo residents (Photo by Kendra Hall ABC 7).

The City of Canyon is considering options because its wood waste disposal site is overflowing.

City officials say they saw the spike after the City of Amarillo consolidated sites to the one site at the landfill. That site is still free to Amarillo residents. The sites were consolidated because the others were a fire hazard.

This topic was on the Canyon City Commission meeting agenda this week. As of now, they can't afford to take in the amount of wood waste that they are getting. So they are considering a few options.

In a two-day period, the City received the amount of wood waste they would normally see in three weeks.

"The commission wants to have a site open because it keeps people from having to put limbs and branches in the alley," said Chris Sharp, Canyon Assistant City Manager.

They were forced to temporarily close the Canyon brush site for maintenance after the excessive debris. Sharp says he does not want Canyon residents to have to pay taxes for the service, when other cities are dumping.

"We just don't feel like it's fair for Canyon residents to have to pay for regional people bringing in their limbs to be chipped and disposed of," said Sharp.

So besides shutting it down completely, there are a couple options.

"We could monitor it to make sure that only canyon resident are using the chip sites, or if someone from outside the region is using it then they're paying for disposing the branches," Sharp said.

Currently Canyon spends $45,000 a year to pay a third party to chip the wood. If the volume continues to increase, like it has been since Amarillo consolidated its sites, it will be around $1.5 million a year.

"We're trying to come up with the best plan for the citizens and for the financial well-being of the city," Sharp said. "We don't want it to cost a whole lot, but then we want the convenience for the residents to be able to drop their tree branches off."

Right now, while the chip site is closed, the City is asking residents in Canyon to put their wood waste in their alley behind their fence, away from water meters. They will get to picking the debris up eventually.

They do not know when they will open the site back up and they are working toward a long-term decision.

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