Canyon Aqua Park grand opening pushed back due to delays

The opening of the Canyon Aqua Park has been rescheduled for sometime in mid to late July according to city officials (Drew Powell ABC 7 News.

The long awaited grand opening of the Canyon Aqua Park (CAP) is taking longer than originally planned. The city of Canyon had set June 1 as the original opening date. The date was pushed to June 15 following delays. As of July 4, the Canyon Aqua Park is still not open.

Suzy Steward who lives in Amarillo has been waiting to take her grandchildren to the CAP for a day of fun under the sun.

“We’re definitely ready for it to open,” said Suzy Steward, Amarillo resident. It’s been delayed a little bit but I think it’s going to be worth the wait and were anxious about it.”

Several items still need to be completed before the CAP can open. Completions to the admissions building, bathrooms and concessions need to be finished and a punch list of items will need to be checked to make sure everything is in working order. Another delay came from 60 additional parking spaces that were added to help accommodate anticipated large crowds.

“Some of that was stuff we added,” said Jon Behrens, assistant city manager for Special Projects. “We added additional parking and some things to the process that were under construction and part of it was just construction delays.”

The city is not releasing a new target date for the opening. Instead they are asking for people to monitor the CAP’s Facebook Page and a date will become available in the future.

“We’ve had a couple of false starts on our opening date,” said Behrens. “We don’t want to put that out there again so what we’re doing is we're encouraging people to watch us on Facebook.”

Before the CAP opens it must pass code enforcement along with a Health & Safety Inspection. Looking to the future the CAP is built to have more amenities added should the city decide to expand the water park. Maximum occupancy is 650 people. The number will go up should the city decide to expand the facility in a couple of years.

“We feel like in three to five years we will be adding to our facility,” said Behrens “We can add two to three additional rides because you have to add another pump house so we feel like we have the space to do that.”

“The way I see it when it gets bigger and better is we will have more people visiting Canyon, Texas,” said Randy Ray, Canyon resident. “When more people from the Texas Panhandle come to Canyon they’re bringing money and that’s going to help our taxes.”

Once the Canyon Aqua Park opens it will remain open till Labor Day Holiday. Following the holiday the CAP will be open on weekends through the month of September. Admission to enter the CAP is $8.00 per person. Behrens tells ABC 7 News the city is optimistic the Canyon Aqua Park will open in July within the next week or two.

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