Canyon Aqua Park (CAP) proves costly to operate

    The Canyon Aqua Park (CAP) is well used by visitors but proved to be costly to operate during its first full summer of use (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)<p>{/p}

    A report released by the City of Canyon reveals just how costly the city’s Aqua Park (CAP) turned out to be in its first full year. The city is hoping to turn their fortunes around next year.

    “Our goal for next year will be around 40,000 to 42,000 visitors,” said Jon Behrens, Assistant City Manager.

    That figure Behrens is talking about is attendance for the Canyon Aqua Park (CAP). In 2018, the first full year for the facility, it drew 38,400 visitors. A review indicates the CAP exceeded its operations budget by $87,426 due to repairs and overtime.

    “We need to look at our staffing,” said Behrens. “This past year we had 68 employees who are mostly students working as lifeguards, admissions and concessions. We had too much overtime and that bottom line affected us.”

    Open for only 87 days in June, July and August the CAP generated $418,030 in total revenue. Additional unexpected costs came from repairs to infrastructure following the winter of 2017/2018.

    “We had some freezing in our pump house,” said Behrens. “We have gone in over the winter and spring and installed some windows that can be shut and also installed some heaters in our pump house. Our first full year of operations we feel really good about that. Let’s get two or three more years behind us and will begin to set aside revenue that we’ve earned and look at possible expansion. We want to make sure that’s what the citizens want if we grow the park.”

    New amenities under consideration are more thrill rides, tube rides and expanding the lazy river. By the numbers, with 87 days of operations the daily average attendance was 441 and there were 58 passes sold.

    Revenue generated from admissions was $303,175 and from concessions $114,855. Behrens tells ABC 7 News the city is looking at ways to speed up the admissions lines and concessions lines. The city is also looking at boosting marketing to attract more people from other parts of the Texas Panhandle besides Canyon, Amarillo, Hereford and Plainview.

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