Canadian HS teen with down syndrome wins Homecoming Queen


One beloved Canadian High School teen has been nominated for Homecoming Queen by her peers. Her name is Brittany Walser, and she has down syndrome.

“Wildcats, let’s go!," students and fans chanted at a Canadian High School pep rally.

This high-energy pep rally kicks off homecoming for the Canadian Wildcats just right.

"Wildcats, let’s go!," the packed Canadian High School gym continued to chant.

This is just the first festivity of a packed day for Brittany Walser—a day soon to be one she won't forget.

“Presenting Queen candidate Brittany Walser," an announcer said at the pep rally.

Brittany walks down a decorative, Wildcat-themed aisle surround with other homecoming decorations following suit after other nominees presented in front of classmates. Brittany is escorted by her brother, who is proud to be by her side.

Brittany's friend since Middle School, Kylie Sawyer is a fellow Queen nominee.

“We get to do this together, and it’s our senior year," said Sawyer.

Sawyer said she's not surprised at Brittany's nomination, and couldn't be more proud.

“She’s so loving," said Sawyer. "Anytime you see her in the hallways, she just wants to give you hug, or she’ll always say hi to you, and that’s just something really special to have.”

Brittany's mom Laura Walser, also proud, said she just wants Brittany to feel special today and everyday.

The next stop on Brittany's homecoming day list is the hair salon. There, she gets her favorite hairstyle, and is transformed into her Homecoming Queen-look.

“We’re just so pleased that she was nominated," said Laura Walser. "And [we're] just really honored that she was, that they thought of her.”

Going through the day feeling like royalty, Brittany can't stop smiling.

“Pretty! Ooo!," said Brittany. “Yay, I love it!”

Her mom said today is about making Brittany be accepted for being different, and getting to be like every other kid celebrating and being a part of homecoming.

“She wants to be normal, she wants everybody to treat her normal," said Walser. "She doesn’t really want that special treatment, like she just wants to be one of the kids.”

Brittany goes from the hair salon to meet up with classmates and the other Queen nominees for a parade ride through the city.

All festivities led Brittany to her special moment at halftime, mid field.

"And the 2018 Homecoming Queen is...Brittany Walser!," an announcer said.

Brittany throws her hands up in the air, and the crowd roars with cheers. Through this entire experience, Brittany keeps smiling.

She walks away from her senior year homecoming, respected and loved.

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