Business brewing for two coffee company startups

A pair of coffee companies who were started by Veterans are seeing profits soar thanks to a select Texas sized customer base (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)

The soaring growth of a coffee company started by a green beret in the United States Army is leading to a second coffee company to spin off and expand operations. Bison Union Coffee Company started recently and is in Amarillo for the 23rd annual WRCA World Championship Ranch Rodeo.

“We’re growing this thing slowly and trying to do it the right way,” said Bert Kuntz, co-owner of Bison Union Coffee Company.

The Bison Union Coffee Company is half owned by Black Riffle Coffee Company which started out of a garage in Utah by a veteran named Evan Hafer. Four years later Black Riffle Coffee is on pace to earn $60 million. Bison Union Coffee is in Amarillo this week for the rodeo at the Amarillo Civic Center because it provides exposure to their target audience. That audience is the hardworking man and woman.

“Anybody out there in American that just starts their day off with a cup of coffee before they go out to put their boots on and goes out and works for a living, that’s who we go after,” said Kuntz.

The two owners and operators of the two coffee companies tell ABC 7 News the main reason why their expanding so quickly in Texas is because the Lone Star state is veteran friendly.

“If you had to pick two states in the United States that are veteran friendly not just for business but extremely friendly for veteran business, the two best states are Texas and Wyoming in my opinion,” said Kuntz.

Both coffee companies have distinct blends and roasts that sets them apart allowing them to provide a lifestyle brand that’s in constant demand from their customers. Throughout the year $1.00 per bag of the Ranch Hand coffee by Bison Union Coffee Company goes directly back into the Working Ranch Cowboys Foundation and the Working Ranch Cowboys Association.

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