Buchanan construction is complete, but drivers are unhappy with the result

Buchanan construction is complete, but there are still problems. (Photo by Kendra Hall)

After months of construction, drivers say they expected the road to be better than it was before, but there are several bumps in the road. Some say the bumps are damaging cars.

Drivers had to go around Buchanan for months, but the street opened up last week. Drivers were excited to see it open, but it is not all smooth-sailing.

"It's tearing people's cars up," said Ricky Keller, Amarillo Resident. "We have nice cars. It's just not good. It's not good to drive on."

Keller drives down Buchanan to get to work every day. He says since they finished the construction, there are large bumps in the roads that were not there before.

"It's mainly more of a tire issue of damaging the rims or the tires," said Keller. "Sometimes they are deeper on one side than they are on the other."

"It looks good," said Jonathan Alexander, Amarillo Resident. "It looks great, if it lasts."

Alexander drives down Buchanan multiple times a day and worries that the brick will sink and TxDOT will need to close the road again. ABC 7 spoke with TxDOT who says the problem is not the brick.

"There's a great foundation of concrete underneath there," said Sonja Gross, TxDOT. "The sand and the brick is all done beautifully."

The issue is the asphalt surround the brick crosswalks.

"There's a little bit of a hump when you go over them, so motorists will just need to slow down," said Grosss.

Gross says if drivers are going the speed limit, the bumps should be no problem.

"The great news is that Buchanan is back open," said Gross. "We opened it late last week and everybody is excited for that. Just know that it's a learning curve whenever there are changes to a road design. There is a learning curve that goes with that."

TxDOT says Buchanan is open for good. The rest of the downtown construction in the area will also be done soon.

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