Borger woman arrested for capital murder, leaves community in shock

Borger woman, Brisa Balvina Anaya Villa was arrested Nov. 1, following a 4-day investigation into the death of her newborn child. (Photo: Borger Police Department)

The Borger Police Department is moving forward in their investigation regarding the death of a newborn child.

BPD said 20-year-old Brisa Balvina Anaya Villa was arrested on Wednesday, following a four-day investigation into the death of her newborn child.

On Sunday, officers responded to a call that was initially reported as a still-born at a home in the 600- block of Montana.

Villa reported she had not known she was pregnant and the baby was not born alive. An autopsy was then ordered. Capt. Brandon Strope of the Borger Police Department said results showed the child was in fact breathing, and not a still-born.

“Based on the initial analysis of the autopsy and information that was passed back to our detectives and the [84th] District Attorney's office, again the consistencies were not such that supporting that the baby was born deceased," Strope said. "The indicators were there that the child was in fact born alive and had taken a breath.”

Borger police said the preliminary autopsy report caused detectives to continue their investigation, where more information was then discovered. This led detectives to obtain a search warrant for Villa's phone.

Evidence on Villa's phone indicated that she knew she was pregnant, along with other factors that officials will not release at this time.

The Borger Police Department consulted with the Texas Rangers on the case. The investigation concluded Wednesday after a detective and ranger interviewed Villa.

“There was enough [evidence] there on that phone [to prove] that this is not near speculation and there was enough proof there to cause an arrest warrant to be issued when it was coupled with the interview,” Strope said.

The evidence gathered was presented in the form of an arrest warrant. The warrant was for Capital Murder.

Strope tells ABC 7 News that Villa had another child, but he would not release the age or gender. He said specific conditions were taken into account for the child and officials would not go into specifics due to privacy of the family.

"All I will say on that is the child is in a safe place," Strope said. "The concern for that child obviously is paramount.”

Strope said capital murder is the only charge the department is discussing for Villa and has no reason to believe anyone else will face charges.

“It’s a tragic incident that occurred," Strope said. "A young child passed away and that’s what we are focusing on at this point. You know, will the reasons behind it come out down the road later? That is possible.”

The case leaves the Borger community in shock. Matt Martin, a Borger resident said he was heartbroken to hear of the news.

“Really, basically shocked," Martin said. "I hate to say it’s the day and time that we live in, but I don’t know. [I'm] just shocked. Who can do that to their own child? Unheard of.”

Shawna Veatch is in town visiting her daughter and grandchildren from Houston. She said it is hard to cope with understanding how a mother could ever do something like this and wishes other options were considered, like adoption.

“It’s sad, it’s heartbreaking," Veatch said, "because I couldn’t even imagine losing any of my grand-kids, because my grand-kids are my life."

Villa was arraigned this morning on a $1 million bond, with conditions. The Borger Police Department is now waiting on the completed autopsy report to be presented to the 84th District Attorney's office and will then have the information presented to a grand jury.

As ABC 7 News receives more information on the case, we will continue to update on the investigation.

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