Borger native fills EDC Executive Director position

The new executive director of the Borger EDC is working with board members to improve the economic outlook for the Borger region (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)

The Borger Economic Development Corporation has a new executive director. Borger native Katie Lingor officially filled the position vacated by Dan Redd on Monday.

“Borger has more to offer than it communicates sometimes,” said Katie Lingor, Borger EDC exec. dir. “I think in the past we have sold ourselves short. I think we owe it to the next generation to really invest in what we have now and to get buy-in from them so that that continues.”

Lingor is a Borger High School graduate and graduated Frank Phillips College and Texas Tech. She is joined by five board members who are new to the board within a year. A new vision for improving Borger’s economic outlook is in place after a study in 2016 showed the region lost more than $158 million in retail leakage to Amarillo and Lubbock.

“Now we have a new executive director (Katie Lingor) we have new opportunities for different ideas,” said Jesse Shuffield, board member. “With the new people on the board we have new different opinions.”

“Retail does take time,” said Lingor. “What we have going for us is a lot of growth at once. If we can retain that young crowd then we have a better chance at recruiting some of those retailers. To recruit them here they need the people that are going to shop, use the entertainment, buy up the store to be able to justify coming here.”

In 2017, new restaurants and a sport bar opened in Borger. Increased job opportunities outside of the oil and gas industry was identified through a community assessment last year by both the younger generation and people 40 and over.

“We are looking at retail and were looking at commercial and industrial manufacturing entities to come to Borger,” said Shuffield. “Were trying to create new jobs and help better the community.”

“If a national brand is interested in coming to Borger were going to seek them out,” said Rigor. “Were going to be responsive whenever they show interest.”

With four years of business consulting focusing on rural development, Lingor is looking forward to the next challenge for her hometown. Now that ways to improve community enrichment have been identified the next step is implementing their plan.

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