Borger High School's stadium is set to be torn down and remodeled

Borger High School's stadium is set to be torn down and remodeled (Photo by Kendra Hall ABC 7).

Borger High School's stadium is about to be torn down. It will be demolished starting Wednesday to make way for a brand new stadium.

Tuesday soccer teams practiced on the old field for the last time.

The stadium is in serious need of a remodel. Voters passed Borger Independent School District (ISD)'s bond in May and this project is a big part of that bond.

"It's something that definitely puts some pride into the community," said Borger HS Head Football Coach, Brian Coker. "Something that the town can be proud of and want to go represent the community and support the program by being there."

With Borger being the only high school in the city, football is a big deal to a lot of the community.

"I think people that use the stadium knew that it needed to be done," said Rebecca Calder, Communications for Borger ISD. "We needed a safer, more modern complex and something that Borger can be proud of."

The old stadium was falling apart. The track is also in bad shape and so is the field.

"I think the community did voice how desperate that they wanted it and something that they felt like they could be proud of and so I think it was a big step for our athletic program, our school, I think it's just a big step for moving in the right direction and showing these kids that the community does care about them, does support them in everything that they do," said Coker.

The old stadium was more than 50 years old. They plan to completely demolish it starting Wednesday and then start construction on the new stadium and field.

"We do have a lot of opportunities at Borger ISD and a lot of that is in our athletics," said Calder. "We have 22 sports that we offer athletes, so that is important to us and we like to provide safe facilities and nice facilities for them to play in."

The new stadium will cost roughly $12 million. It will feature new everything including a new field house and better entry into the stand. It is set to be finished in time for football season in August.

This is a look at what the new stadium will look like.

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