'Balloon Man' brings joy to families last day of Tri-State Fair

'Balloon Man' brings joy to families last day of Tri-state fair. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

The rides may be a crowd favorite during fair, but playing games and winning prizes brings joy to folks too.

One man in particular brings people a lot of joy too. Some may call him the balloon man. His name is David Waldman and he works at the fairs ballon stand game.

"I just smile and try to make them have fun, that's what they're here for, to enjoy themselves," Waldman said.

And let's just say he knows how to keep the energy high.

"It was easy, and I think he works at one of the easiest shop things," One fair go-er said.

Waldman says he's just one of many balloon operators at the fair game, but he's one that has a bit of a soft spot.

"Kids always win with me, always," Waldman said.

Waldman has been working with the Tri-state Fairgrounds for four years, and for some his face is hard to forget.

"Once in a while somebody will come back after three or four days or next year and say I remember you from last year," Waldman said. "That inspires you to do it again, it keeps you going."

The fair may be coming to a close, but Waldman says he's already looking forward to seeing all of the smiling faces again next year.

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