ARC Supporters looking to election

The Amarillo Recreational Complex is closer to becoming a reality, but first it must be approved by voters November 5th.

Tuesday the Amarillo City Commission voted to put a bond election on the ballot.

The $31.5 million bond would amount to about 25 extra dollars a year of property taxes on a $100,000 home.

The marketing of the project is being done by Double U Marketing and Communication.

The companyâ??s Wendi Swope says, "From now until November 5th weâ??ll have a strategy that includes all kinds of media. Weâ??ll have outdoor, tv, radioâ?¦We hopefully will be going out to get people to register to vote."

Jimmy Lackey, Executive Director of Kids, Inc. says, "I understand people donâ??t like their taxes going up. When everyone understands itâ??ll affect children and families, this community rallies around those types of ideas."

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