APD: Construction results in rise of illegal exiting


The Amarillo Police Department says more drivers are driving through the median to get to the service roads in an effort to avoid construction.

Texas Traffic Code 545.064 says a driver can't drive from on a limited access or controlled-access roadway "unless there is a entrance or exit established by public authority." That means, unless it is market with a sign, police can ticket you for cutting across the median.

APD also wants to remind you it isn't just illegal, it is dangerous. Drivers already on the service road aren't expecting someone to cut through the median. They might not see you and that could result in a crash.

With so many drivers going through, there are now ruts in the grass, and when those ruts get wet, you could end up getting stuck.

You can always check where roads are under construction on Twitter by following @TxDOT or @AmarilloPD or by clicking here.

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