Annual 'Polar Plunge' Special Olympics Fundraiser supports Panhandle athletes

Annual 'Polar Plunge' Special Olympics Fundraiser supports Panhandle athletes. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

It's definitely not a warm summer day to be splashing in the pool with your friends, but it sure does make a statement.

"I don't like being cold or wet, so I'm anticipating [jumping in the water] being very trying, but you know what, I'm here for the athletes and I'm going to do it," Polar plunger, Amanda Schaumurg, said.

Schaumurg coaches aquatics and track, but this is her first year helping raise money for Special Olympic athletes in the Panhandle.

"Jumping in freezing water, it shows the community that we are dedicated to helping out athletes, and building our program." Schaumurg said.

As a rookie in the game, she says it takes building up some courage before making the plunge.

"Coach Mandy is doing this for you guys, and wish me luck, and hopefully I'll get warmed up real quick," Schaumurg said.

Special Olympics athlete and plunger, Elizabeth Campbell says she knows it's not easy, but couldn't be more thankful for the support.

"Some people are like, 'I'm not coming out to the cold,' but seeing them, it makes us, athletes happy."

Aside from the anticipation and actually taking the plunge, Area Director Jacob Ray says raising funds will encourage and help with their overall program.

"A lot of the money goes to venues, feeding them meals at competitions, but then even trying to help get money for uniforms, transportation, or things like that," Ray said.

As this fundraiser grows, the support for the Special Olympics community may do the same.

"They enjoy it, I enjoy it, [and] I'm happy to see them happy," Campbell said. "We enjoy it all together."

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