America's Run For the Fallen reaches Texas

A run across the United States spans 6,100 miles and is helping the next generation to understand what making the ultimate sacrifice to your country is all about (Drew Powell ABC 7 News)

One of the nation’s most comprehensive tributes to our fallen war heroes is blazing a trail across the United States. America’s Run For the Fallen started at Fort Irwin, California on April 7 and is ending on August 5 at Arlington National Cemetery. A core team is running 50 miles per day for five months along with students and supporters. On Wednesday the run reached the Texas Panhandle and made stops in Farwell, Bovina and Friona.

“We are dedicated to the public remembrance of our fallen military and their families,” said George Lutz, founder and executive director of Honor & Remember. “We thought the best way to acknowledge the men and women who gave their life for their country was to actually call their names out loud.”

At Farwell High School 36 names of fallen heroes were read out loud. Relay teams stop at every mile of the 6,100 mile journey to read out loud more names.

“We have some members of our faculty that are ex-military and have children of their own fighting overseas,” said Katy Hester, teacher & resident of Farwell. “This means a lot to everyone that was watching.”

Organizing a cross country run consisting of 19 states and 120 days took more than two years to plan out and its evolving everyday as more names of fallen heroes are being added to the list.”

“It’s never been done before and probably won’t be done again,” said Lutz.

The founder of Honor & Remember tells ABC 7 News why he organized the run and what came as a result of the event that transpired nearly 13 years ago.

“On December 29 of 2005, I got a knock on the door from two uniformed soldiers,” said Lutz. “They told me my son had been killed in Iraq that morning. Out of that grief process and healing I realized it’s important that America understands and appreciates the men and women who give all for our country.”

The group travelling across country is staying overnight in Friona. On Thursday they will run to Hereford, Dawn and Canyon. The last leg of the journey in the Texas Panhandle is scheduled for May 23 in Goodlett and Quanah.

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