Ambucs donates custom tricycles for 14 Amarillo special needs children

14 special needs children in Amarillo get custom tricycles. (ABC 7 Amarillo-Jala Washington)

14 special needs children in Amarillo are riding in style thanks to a non-profit group called the Ambucs.

The organization gave away custom tricycles called Amtrykes to the children in need Saturday morning.

The donations come after a therapist makes a request for a special needs patient.

Ambucs members said each Amtryke is specifically designed for those who need therapeutic help.

The Amtrykes help riders work on mobility typically only seen in an in-therapy environment.

They give an alternative option to those who can't ride your traditional bike.

ron blessen

"Children with disabilities that can't get out and play with their brothers or sisters or their friends, these trykes help them get outside and be active at the same time by building coordination and muscle strength so they can rehab or build their body up to where it should be,” said Ambucs member Ron Blessen.

The Soutwest Ambucs are a just one in over 135 chapters throughout the nation.

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