Amarillo teens making way to fame through social media

17-year-old Myka and Mya make way to fame through social media. (Photo credit: 'Montoya'z Hollywood Break In').

In a Facebook Watch Show, 'Montoya'z Hollywood Break In,' the 'Montoya Twinz' are letting people into their world.

This show started after 17-year-old twins Myka and Mya, originally from Amarillo, pursued their careers as social media influencers in Los Angeles, California.

"It was best for us to move out to L.A., because that city is full of people doing what we're doing," Mya Montoya said. "Also, we have more job opportunities."

Before getting to where they are now, the 'Montoya Twinz' said their journey began about three years ago.

"We got started on social media by a complete accident," Mya said.

This start comes from a lip-syncing app called, 'Musically.'

"I had thought it was an app for something else, like to listen to actual music," Mya said.

From there, things took off. The girls said light-hearted goofiness, and positivity is their brand.

"So in this video, Dad bought our outfits," the girls said with a chuckle, showing one of their videos.

"We're actually earning it by working hard, and staying true to ourselves," Myka Montoya said.

It can be tough managing a career at their age.

"I edit all of the YouTube videos, and she edits the Facebook videos," Myka said. "When [Mya] edits Facebook, then I'll do school work."

However, the 'Montoya Twinz' parents help keep them grounded.

"Just know that, keep doing what you're doing, stay true to you," Myka said. "Don't try to fit in with other peoples' content."

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