Amarillo residents frustrated with rotting dumpsters

A resident in Amarillo tells ABC 7 his dumpster has had holes in the bottom for several months. (Photo by Kendra Hall ABC 7).

A resident in Amarillo tells ABC 7 his dumpster has had holes in the bottom for several months.

He lives in the Wolflin neighborhood and most of the dumpsters in his alleyway are rotted in the bottom causing trash to fall out and pile up.

Back in April, the city's Solid Waste Superintendent said rotting dumpsters was a serious problem that they were working to fix, but ABC 7 spoke with a resident who says his has not been fixed in seven months.

"Back in April when I started doing the yard work and dumping it, I noticed the grass growing up in there when the grass started coming up and it's been this way since April of this year," said Randy Floyd, Amarillo resident.

Grass is growing through holes on the inside of his dumpster.

He says when a truck comes through and dumps the trash out, some falls through the holes in the bottom, but the city does not pick it up and it gets wedged under the dumpster when the truck sets it back down, making it difficult to pick up.

"I've called the city and I never could get through," said Floyd. "It just rang and I never could get through on it. I've called the mayor's office and I haven't gotten a response back from them yet."

The city's Public Works Director says they are working on replacing the rotting dumpsters. He says there are two lists. One list is dumpsters that need repairs and the other is ones that need to be completely replaced. He says the new budget was just approved, so they are buying new dumpsters to replace the bad ones.

He says the budged for replacement for the year is $400,000.

"The main thing is it attracts mosquitoes, it attracts mice, which could spread diseases and that's the main thing I'm concerned about," said Floyd.

The public works director says they are working to get them fixed and anyone with rotting dumpsters can call the public works department for the city.

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