Amarillo police dog back at work after being shot

APD has four police dogs. Koss is the oldest and most experienced. (KVII, Niccole Caan)

One of Amarillo's police dogs was injured in the line of duty when he was shot about a week ago. After a few days of recovery, he's still healing but he is now back at work.

Police dog Koss reported for duty at the Amarillo Police Department. His assignment included a presentation on canine officers for APD’s citizen’s academy. Koss was shot when he went searching in a crawl space for Billy Joe Elmore, who investigators said was connected to the Billy Ivy Jr. murder for hire plot.

“We haven't had any K9s injured by a suspect ever,” said Cpl. Cody Lavery, Koss’ handler. “This is the first time we've ever had one shot or stabbed."

The injury was minor.

"Just a nick, maybe a flesh wound, right across the left side of his neck,” said Lavery. “Nothing bad. Just got lucky."

Koss is eager to get back to work after a few days of rest.

"A lot of people think we are making these dogs work,” said Lavery. “They love to work. Work is play to them. They want to go to work. It's not like we think of work. If we were as happy to go to work as they were, probably be a better world."

Koss was so excited to do a demonstration searching for drugs, he interrupted the interview several times. He is a Belgian Malinois. He only responds to commands in Dutch. He's one of four police dogs with APD and the top dog, since he's the oldest and most experienced.

It is a felony crime to injure or kill a police animal.

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