Amarillo Police Department getting new office space

Amarillo Police Department getting new office space

On June 21, the Amarillo Police Department is having a Grand Opening ceremony for a new APD office space at 9 a.m. to 10 a.m..

According to The Amarillo Police Department media release, "This office space will be occupied by the APD Motorcycle Officers Unit and the APD School Liaison Unit Supervisor. It will give these squads a place to hold briefings and complete daily paperwork. This move opens up office space for other units stationed in the downtown police building."

The new office is not a police station and will not have posted office hours. Anyone needing police assistance is asked to call 911 for emergencies and to call the Amarillo Emergency Communication Center’s non emergency line at 378-3038.

The Amarillo Police Department is still located at 200 SE 3rd Avenue and the new office will be located in Win Park Place at 6017 Hillside, Suite 300.

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