Amarillo police chief plus more than 80 officers listed as possible witnesses in lawsuit

Amarillo police chief plus more than 80 officers listed as possible witnesses in lawsuit. (ABC 7 Amarillo)

Plaintiffs in a civil rights lawsuit with three Amarillo police officers filed an amended complaint on Thursday, as ordered by the court. A designation of experts document was also filed earlier this week.

Amarillo officers Lieutenant Scott Chappell, Sergeant Thomas Callahan and Sergeant Chris Sheffield’s legal battle with California parents Michael Wartena and Michael Tiffany Stewart, over the handling of the investigation into their daughter Alexis' disappearance, is now involving a long list of non-retained witnesses who may be called to testify.

More than 80 APD officers, pathologists, language specialists, as well as members of the Randall County Sheriff’s Department, Amarillo Fire Department, Texas Department of Public Safety, Potter County Sheriff’s Department, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Child Protective Services and The Bridge are named in the court filing as possible witnesses.

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In the amended complaint, the plaintiffs provided a detailed timeline of the moments leading up to and after Alexis' disappearance, as well as when her body was found in T-Anchor Lake. It also clarifies when the Wartena’s four other children were returned to them by Child Protective Services.

The Wartenas also detailed each item collected by officers and when those items were returned to them. The list includes 31 items.

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The Wartenas maintain that the officers violated their fourth and fourteenth amendment rights and are requesting a trial by jury.

According to the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Attorney Jesse Quackenbush, the Wartenas and the officers will have their depositions on January 2 and January 3, followed by a court ordered settlement conference on Janaury 4.

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