Amarillo PD breaks down timeline of recent St. Mary's Academy arrests

    Kevin Winkle has been arrested twice for separate incidents at St. Mary's Academy after bringing guns in the the Catholic Cathedral on school campus within the last week. (ABC 7 Amarillo-Tiffany Lester)<p>{/p}

    Kevin Winkle, who was arrested and accused of bringing guns into an Amarillo church on Sunday, was back behind bars Thursday night.

    He was arrested Wednesday for a similar incident that happened last week at the same church, which is on the campus of St. Mary’s Academy.

    “Who knows what could have happened,” said Amarillo resident Alicia Torres. “He could have done anything.”

    “We hear time after time how bad things happen and there wasn't an investigation into it, and whether this was going to be a bad incident or not, it's being investigated,” said Amarillo Police Department’s Corporal Jeb Hilton.

    On September 5, Winkle went for usher training at St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral, which is owned by the school and sits on the academy's property.

    During the training, witnesses said Winkle made alarming comments and showed them a rifle and three handguns he had brought into the church hidden in a violin case.

    “It’s not uncommon to carry rifles in a case or out of a case, but in this instance, the way the weapons were being carried, presented and the conversations that were had, caused alarm to people to make them think something is out of line,” said Hilton.

    “Nobody would know that it's there. One minute, someone could be saying something and the next, they could be on the floor,” said Torres.

    Amarillo Police tell ABC 7 News they were not told about the incident until Sunday, September 9, when Winkle showed back up to St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral with a holstered gun, plus two more handguns in his pockets and several magazines filled with bullets.

    An off-duty APD officer who was hired for security at the church that day searched Winkle’s vehicle and found two rifles in separate violin cases along with a number of bullets.

    Winkle was arrested for unlawful carrying of a weapon in a prohibited place, in this case, a school campus.

    “With recent events, most people are on higher alert for things that seem out of the normal,” said Hilton.

    Winkle was released on bond and then arrested September 12 for exhibiting firearms on a campus or school bus ----stemming from the incident on September 5.

    ABC 7 News asks the question: “How many illegal offenses does one have to commit before bond is increased?”

    “There are definitely offenses that come along and a detective will ask for a higher bond. Violent crimes, weapons charges are often when they'll do that, and repeat offenders, but in the end, it boils down to the judge. They have the final say on that,” answered Hilton.

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