Amarillo neurosurgeon facing child sex abuse lawsuit

Amarillo neurosurgeon facing child sex abuse lawsuit. (Niccole Caan ABC 7 Amarillo)

An Amarillo-based neurosurgeon is being accused of sexually abusing a minor. A lawsuit was filed Tuesday in Potter County District Court by attorney Kevin Glasheen and the personal injury law firm of Glasheen, Valles & Inderman, LLP on behalf of the minor.

According to the lawsuit, Dr. Jeffrey D. Cone treated the plaintiff every since he was nine-months-old and the plaintiff began working with Cone at 15-years-old. The plaintiff claims Cone was his medical doctor, boss and mentor. According to the plaintiff's attorney, it is alleged that Cone coerced the minor into allowing him to sexually molest and assault him when he was 15.

In the court documents, the mother and minor child use the pseudonyms Jane Doe and John Doe to protect their identities.

Glasheen said in a press release, “We are going to take everything this man has and do everything the law allows to make him pay for this horrible crime.”

The amount of damages is substantial and well in excess of the jurisdictional minimums of this Court. Due to the extreme nature of Defendant’s conduct and devastating degree of injury caused by such conduct, Plaintiffs seek actual and punitive damages in the amount of over $1,000,000.00.

Cone owned and operated the Neurological Surgery clinic in Amarillo. According to a published ad and a notification on the door of the clinic, Cone closed his practice on November 29, and patients have until December 29 to pick up their records.

The documents state that Cone was "not only Plaintiff Doe’s medical doctor, he was his boss and mentor." The plaintiff claims that while working with Cone, he would be asked to stay after the clinic closed, "sometimes until 8:00 or 9:00 at night, to help him read MRIs.”

Over the course of an extended period, Defendant Dr. Cone utilized his position as a medical doctor to manipulate Plaintiff Doe into allowing Dr. Cone to sexually molest and assault him. Dr. Cone exploited Plaintiff Doe’s trust as his medical doctor and convinced Plaintiff Doe that his sexual molestation was medical treatment to help him with his back pain.

Amarillo Police Department told ABC 7 News, there are no charges filed against Jeffrey D. Cone or anyone with a similar name.

The plaintiffs are requesting a trial.

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