Amarillo neighbors fed up with political signs being stolen

Amarillo neighbors fed up with political signs being stolen. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

Missing a political sign? Some Amarillo neighbors said they are.

In the heat of another political season leading up to the election, some people are annoyed, as they said political signs have been stolen from their yards. But this isn't uncommon.

Amarillo Neighbor Sharla Seible said she's more driven now than ever to keep her political sign up in her yard. One may be surprised the lengths she might go to, to make sure no one touches her sign again.

Seible takes pride in making her voice heard. She said on Saturday, her and other neighbors noticed their signs had been taken.

"It isn't necessarily wanting to sound better, or worse, or point fingers in any way," said Seible. "We should be able to do it without signs being taken."

This isn't the first time Seible has dealt with a stolen sign.

"This time I just do one at a time, and I'll just continue replacing it," said Seible.

At this point, she said she feels insulted.

"It's a matter of respect," said Seible. "Respect others, that they may be different."

Sgt. Carla Burr, with Amarillo's Police Department said this isn't something they take lightly.

"Anytime you do something that interferes with someone else's rights, then you have overstepped your bounds," said Burr.

Burr said they don't tolerate any kind of theft. If caught, there could be up to a $500 fine.

"It would be something where we would issue them a ticket, or they could be arrested," said Burr.

Though Seible is frustrated, she said she's never caught a thief on camera, or reported it.

"It's silly nonsense," said Seible.

Instead, she's considered a different approach.

"I have thought that I may gather up my dog's poop and place it close to the sign," said Seible.

Seible said this would be to surprise the thief.

“And so when someone approaches the sign to take it, then they’ll be pleasantly surprised," she said.

On a more serious note, Seible said she hopes her sign stays where she puts it, from now on.

"Whether you take my sign or not, it isn't changing my mind," said Seible.

Though there isn't much APD can do without knowing who took the sign, Burr does urge people who are frustrated to report theft.

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