Amarillo man is reunited with sister after almost 60 years

    "Last time I saw her, I was probably that big," said Amarillo man Patrick Tarin, remembering the last time he laid eyes on his sister.

    After waiting nearly 60 years, what is a few more minutes for two estranged siblings to be reunited?

    "It's unreal, I know," said Patrick Tarin and his wife, as they wait outside of the arrival gates of the Amarillo Airport.

    Patrick, waiting for his sister Deborah has the support of his wife and other friends. They said the final minutes before the reunion is agonizing,

    "I can't wait!," said Patrick.

    "How many years, and minutes, and seconds?," said Patrick's wife. "Down to the wire babe!"

    Though Patrick grows inpatient, he's confident in the joy being reunited with his sister will bring him.

    "I'm going to hug her, I'm going to give her a big ol' kiss," said Patrick.

    He said this moment, is a moment he'll never forget.

    "Yeah, here they come!," said Patrick just seconds away from seeing his sister. "That's her! That's her!"

    The moment is as pure as you might imagine.

    "My sister!," said Patrick embracing Deborah for the first time. "It's good to see you."

    "My brother, I can't believe it!," said Deborah.

    Not even a delayed flight by hours could take away from Patrick and Deborah meeting for what feels like the first time since leaving Los Angeles all those years ago.

    "Here, these are for you," said Patrick handing Deborah a bouquet of roses.

    "Thank you!," said Deborah.

    The family resemblance after all this time, is shocking for Deborah.

    "Our mom yeah, you look just like our mom," she said.

    Deborah and Patrick's mom has passed, but Patrick said he's learned after uniting with Deborah that he has a total of eight siblings he knew nothing about.

    "Big family, I didn't even know I had," said Patrick.

    Deborah said there's been a hole in her heart, since being away from Patrick. But that's not the case anymore.

    "That hole is full, it's filled with joy and happiness," said Deborah. "I can't even imagine, it's hard to explain all these years of not having him in my life, and just being broken hearted from being a part."

    Patrick says he's found out Deborah has been looking for him for years.

    "I just knew from the moment I talked to her, that she was my sister," he said.

    Once lost, Patrick has been found. And a family bond may just prove to be unshakeable.

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