Amarillo ISD launches 'CORE' Scholar program for aspiring teachers

Amarillo ISD launches 'CORE Scholar' program for aspiring teachers

Amarillo Independent School District is investing in its students, and down the road, it may have an impact on education here in Amarillo.

"I want to be an inspiration to other kids," Palo Duro High School senior, Ambrosha Kelly-Roberts said.

Kelly-Roberts said becoming a teacher is more than just a dream for her.

"Teaching is a passion for me, and I like to teach other kids how to work their own stuff, and how to make their own discoveries," she said.

And with plans to attend West Texas A&M University after graduating this spring, Kelly-Roberts said she's amazed at the new opportunity AISD is giving students.

"I would be excited, I know for sure I'm going to WT," Kelly-Roberts said.

AISD's CORE Program Coordinator, Dr. Zuleyma Carruba-Rogel said CORE Scholars will be guided as soon as they graduate High School, until College graduation.

"For four years, we're going to focus on building a group of community support around these students that prepares them to be an exceptional teacher in the classroom," Carruba-Rogel said.

Carruba-Rogel said the CORE program has a specific approach on a year-to-year basis.

"We want our teachers to come into the classroom, with tools on their belts that prepares them to work with any kind of student," she said.

Each CORE scholar will also have a mentor to help them through the process.

They're going to have an assistant principal, a principal that is going to be with them from the moment that they step on WT," Carruba-Rogel said.

She said each scholar AISD chooses will all have a few similar characteristics.

"What we are looking for, are students that have the qualities of an effective teacher, that have a heart for teaching," Carruba-Rogel said.

A heart for teaching, that helps fuel students' drive throughout college and after.

"I would be interested in it because, it's going to help me be a better teacher," Kelly-Roberts said.

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