Amarillo Homeless Shelter gunman situation leaves one shot, another in custody

Amarillo Homeless Shelter gunman situation leaves one shot, another in custody. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

A parking lot swarmed with police and other emergency officials, leaves a weekly church service interrupted, and the Faith City Mission close-knit group in shock.

"Fear, I mean, when you have a weapon, and you're looking at that weapon, fear," Faith City Mission Outreach Director, and witness, Raymond Gonzales said.

The situation started with a familiar face walking through the front doors of the building.

"Just yesterday, I shook his hand, and asked him how he was doing," Gonzales said. "He said, 'I'm doing great.'"

Soon after, this man quickly became a threat to everyones' safety once revealing himself as a gunman.

"He took some of us and held us in a position of hostage," Gonzales said.

Witnesses said at one point, one of the men in the chapel where everyone was being held hostage, took the gun from the suspect.

And Amarillo Police, arriving to a scene that they call a complex situation, is what causes confusion in the heat of the moment.

"After some initial investigation, they've learned that the man that had the gun may have in fact taken the firearm away from the original suspect," Sgt. Brent Barbee, of Amarillo's Police Department said.

Barbee said officers entered from two different points of the building.

"At some point inside of the building, they came in contact with an individual who had a handgun," Barbee said. "The officers fired shots that struck the man."

Gonzales said safety is a priority for Faith City Mission.

"We have a position where we have people that watch over us," he said. "We don't have weapons, as far as somebody carrying weapons, in our facility."

Taking steps toward recovering, Gonzales said community support may help the healing process.

"What we have to do now is just ask the community to stand with us," he said.

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