Amarillo family in shock after dog left in pool of blood, with injuries

Aries, a family dog lays bleeding and injured, after being found by Animal Control. (Photo credit: Gabriel Martinez).

To say it is hard for a family to see their pit bull, Aries, left with deep cuts, a broken jaw and punctures all over, would be an understatement.

"Whenever they [Animal Control] brought him to us, they had a towel wrapped around him, and it was full of blood, and he had cuts around his two hind legs," said dog owner, Olivia Ochoa. "He had cuts around his face. His eye was cut open."

Injuries are graphic to see and heartbreaking for the family.

"This is what he looked like last night," said Ochoa showing a graphic image of Aries. "We raised him. He grew up with my baby."

Animal Management and Welfare told ABC 7, they believe Aries was hit by a car, but are still investigating. However, it's hard for the family to accept Aries' injuries came solely from being hit by a car.

"No, that is not a car hit," said family member, Kinna Frazell.

Owner and manager of Hope Veterinary Clinic, Sarah Faulkner, said the injuries Aries suffers do not reflect being hit by a car.

"The injuries are more consistent with a dog attack," said Faulkner.

Yet with certain cuts, Faulkner said it is possible a form of animal cruelty could have played a part, too.

"Metal, a blade, could be responsible for those kind of cuts," she said.

Ochoa and her family are not strangers to nursing a pet back to health.

"We have another dog inside and he has been run over before," said Ochoa.

However, she said those injuries with their other dog were not nearly as bad.

"It didn't look anything like what happened to Aries," said Ochoa.

Moving forward, Ocha said their family will press charges if they find out who stole their dog.

"That's animal cruelty," she said. "Humans don't deserve to be treated like that. My dog didn't deserve to be treated like that."

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