Amarillo could see more red light cameras

The citizen's advisory board for photographic traffic enforcement looks at adding more red light cameras in Amarillo. (Niccole Caan, KVII)

Amarillo drivers beware: More red light cameras could soon come to the city.

The citizen's advisory board for photographic traffic enforcement met Wednesday. It looked at the intersections with the most accidents in Amarillo and considered putting right light cameras at 12 of them. Amarillo currently has eight intersections with nine red light cameras.

The city could remove four current red light cameras, keep five existing cameras and add seven more cameras.

The city would keep red light cameras at the following intersections:

  • S. Taylor St. & S.E. 10th Ave. SB
  • Pierce & Amarillo Blvd
  • Tascosa/Gem Rd. & Amarillo Blvd.
  • S. Coulter St. & I-40
  • Ross & I-40

The city is considering removing these red light cameras because of low accident rates at the intersections:

  • NB Coulter & Elmhurst
  • SB Coulter & Elmhurst
  • Fillmore & Amarillo Blvd.
  • Pierce & 11th Ave.

The city is considering adding red light cameras to these intersections:

  • S. Taylor St. & S.E. 10th Ave. WB
  • S. Grand St. & I-40 NFR WB
  • S. Buchanan St. & S.E. 3rd Ave.
  • S. Grand St. & I-40 NFR SB
  • Pierce & Amarillo Blvd.
  • S. Bell St. & Plains Blvd.
  • S. Georgia St. & S.W. 26th Ave.

The citizen’s advisory board said data helped it make the decisions on which intersections to remove and which ones to add.

“We relied on data from traffic engineering and the Amarillo Police Department,” said Steve Rogers, an advisory board member.

Rogers said the reason for the changes is to increase safety for drivers.

"We have evidence at the four intersections where the cameras are being removed that traffic accidents are down at each of those intersections so that allows us to remove those and relocate them to other places in hopes we'll reduce traffic accidents at those intersections as well,” he said.

The Amarillo city council and TXDOT still need to approve the intersections. If approved, the new red light camera intersections will be in place mid-2018.

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