Amarillo city council members face lawsuit

Amarillo city council members face a lawsuit about potential violations to the open meetings act. (KVII, Niccole Caan)

Amarillo's city council members are facing a lawsuit. One man said he is tired of the restrictions the council places on citizens during public comment.

Michael Fisher was at the meeting where a man was arrested after clapping. He also disagreed with how the city is treating the homeless. He said the city council members arbitrarily enforce rules when it benefits them.

His lawsuit focuses on council members potential violations of the open meeting act. He wants to hold them accountable just as they do citizens.

"Let them know there is a higher power that the citizens are not going to sit around and take this,” said Fisher.

The city's former attorney said there is no comment on this lawsuit. He said he has seen similar lawsuits in the past and the city has always won them.

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