Amarillo City Commission approves new red light cameras

At Tuesday's Amarillo City Commission meeting, commissioners approved a contract that will bring more red light cameras to the city.

With cameras already in place around town, the city will now add 3 red light cameras, and move one to another location.

The approval comes after American Traffic Solutions and Amarillo Citizens Advisory Committee recommended the additional cameras after extensive analysis of traffic enforcement, and traffic counts, around Amarillo.

The cameras will be placed in areas deemed high-risk to collisions and traffic incidents.

New red light camera locations:

Pierce Street at SE 3rd Ave. (removed)

Amarillo Boulevard at Tascosa Road (northbound)

Amarillo Boulevard at Fillmore Street (westbound)

Amarillo Boulevard at Pierce Street (westbound)

South Taylor Street/US 287 at SE 10th Ave. (southbound)

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