Amarillo Baseball Fans react to 'Name the Team' final names

Amarillo Professional Baseball Club announces on Wednesday, final names in running for city's new baseball team. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

Boot Scooters, Bronc Busters, Jerky, Long Haulers and Sod Poodles. Those are the choices for the Amarillo's new professional baseball team that have fans less than excited.

"Just… did five-year-olds come up with them?," baseball fan, Jan Littlejohn said. "I don't know, but they were pretty horrible."

Others agree.

"I think they're a little outlandish," Jermel Lomack said.

ABC 7 asked one young baseball player if he could imagine cheering for the 'Sod Poodles.' With a laugh, he replied no.

All the names are meant to be unique to Amarillo culture, from what the Amarillo Professional Baseball Club said.

However everyone ABC 7 spoke with on Wednesday, said they feel embarrassed.

"Sod mod, I don't know, something [like that]... should've just went with prairie dogs or something," Lomack said.

"What don't you like about them?," ABC 7 asked Juan Cedillo. "There's no creativity to it," Cedillo said.

Amarillo Professional Baseball Club President and General Manager, Tony Ensor said he understands where people are coming from. Yet he said they have spent time narrowing down over 3,000 entries in the name contest to just five.

"We've had focus groups where we want to learn what Amarillo is about, what people wanted to be known for," Ensor said. "So, we've done our research on this."

Despite some push back, Ensor said once everything comes together, he thinks people will be happier.

"I know some of the names are shocking to people, but I just want them to be patient, and enjoy the process," Ensor said. "I promise you, they're going to love what we have when we get done."

"The Long Haulers would be, OK," Littlejohn said.

Lomack is also making light of the situation.

"I'm just excited to see some AA baseball in town," Lomack said.

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