AISD proposes $100 million bond, early voting starts Monday

AISD proposes $100 million bond for safety, security and classroom additions, faculty updates and restoring and replacing needs. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

AISD says a property rate increase is a small price to pay for moving forward as a community.

"It's for our kids, our kids deserve to have the best," Amarillo community member, Keith Grays said.

Grays, whole-heartedly agrees with AISD, when it comes to working toward a brighter future.

"Can you imagine going into a restroom in your home where the plumbing doesn't work?," Grays said.

He says the need for basic upgrades like new toilets or urinals, is just one reason why he supports the 2017 AISD bond.

"Any time there's a quality of life in any given city, it is on the tax payers," Grays said.

Safety upgrades is another big factor.

"When you think of Sandy Hook, and just various things like that, you want kids to be safe in the classroom," Grays said.

Grays says as a community member, making sacrifices for the greater good is a duty.

"The tax payers should be proud of Amarillo," Grays said. "We're proud of our school district, we're proud of our city as a whole," Grays said.

However, community member James Schenck sees things differently.

"It's too much too soon, just [based] off of issues that are already impacting a lot of local citizens, and that's property taxes," Schenck said.

Schenck says he's confused, as he doesn't understand why AISD'S maintenance budget isn't enough.

"There are some issues where it needs to be taken care of, but there's always those things," Schenck said. "what you do is maintain with the maintenance budget."

Schenck also says tax increases here and there that happen across the board are adding up.

"We've had bonds at different times, when they get paid off, why is there no reduction in our tax?," Schenck said.

Both community members may have conflicting views, however, they agree the district and the quality of it is important.

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