Aiden's Closet in Borger gives back everyday

If we had to pick out just one story a year that personifies the true Panhandle Spirit, this next one may be it.

In Borger, there's been a little known project that is packed not only with items for the parents of newborns...but a lot of love all because one one little boy, Aiden, known as "Iron Man."

Behind the walls of the still new Golden Plains Community Hospital in Borger... down a non-descript hallway, stands a renovated old wardrobe. It's officials title...Aiden's closet.

Aiden Marshall was born on November 20th 2008...and was a part of this world until April 17th, 2009. He had a heart defect, and after undergoing surgery, got the nickname, Iron Man.

Shortly thereafter, this closet was put up in his name, and filled with just about anything new parents might need as they leave the the name of Aiden, according to the director of the women's center, Michelle Conrad.

"Typically, if we see a need... a family might walk by and admire an outfit and the baby might then be wearing it home."

The shelves are never bare...

The cabinets are full and if the nurses see it getting low, the nurses go out shopping..."

And not too far away is the ER, and that's where you can find, Monica Marshall and her mom and dad...Aiden's mom and grandparents.

She's says seeing this closet is a daily reminder of how much her son meant to everyone.

"This was formed in his memory and we give the newborn to 18 months items to people who are in need, Very proud...he was a tough little booger. God gave him to me because I could care for him and he prepared me for a lof of things in life,"said Monica.

Everyone at the hospital walks by the closet with pride and a little smile of Aiden...and he's a part of everyone here, according to Aiden's Mom.

The 1st year, at the OB Christmas party, everyone bought a gift for the closet instead of each other."

"It's the thought behind it...the Community and everyone remembering Aiden," added Michelle.

Monica and her husband now have a 20 month old baby girl...and Aiden's still a part of their family.

"She has a guardian angel..."

And she says there's even talk of putting one in the ER for patients there...another reminder of her the the spirit of giving in AIden's name.

So in this little corner of the hospital, the shelves are filled but not just with diapers or handmade blankets..there's also the spirt of an Iron Man...and the larger than life impact made by such an incredible young man, name AIden.

"He's was my world...a special baby...still is."

Aiden's Closet takes any new items, homemade items, like blankets, and of course money that's used to re-fill the shelves. you can contact the golden plains community hospital in borger is you would like more information.

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