Adopt a park clean up

Some treasure hunting prospectors put down their metal detectors for a while Saturday morning, picked up trash bags, and braved the wind and cold rain to clean up Austin Park.

Members of the Amarillo Prospectors and Treasure Hunters Association, adopted the park as a part of the Amarillo parks and recreation adopt a park program.

The city works with various civic groups and local organizations to help maintain, clean up, or make improvements to a city park of their choice.

"This is just another way for us to take and pick up the park, keep it clean. Also it gives us the opportunity to keep a park that we can come to all the time and treasure hunt and have a picnic, have a cookout, do projects with schools right here at the park," said Mark Davey, Amarillo Prospectors and Treasure Hunters Association.

The association is 100 members strong, they search for coins and other metal artifacts on public land and city parks here in Amarillo.

For more information about Amarillo Parks and Recreation Department, or the Amarillo Prospectors and Treasure Hunters Association, check out the links provided below.

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