Accused predator set to go to trial for child pornography case

Accused predator set to go to trial for child pornography case (ABC 7 Amarillo)

A district court judge has ordered a criminal trial for former Region 16 employee Neal Edmond Brown, for his charge of transportation of child pornography.

Brown was indicted in October on the felony charge. According to court documents, he waived his detention hearing and the judge granted the government's motion for pretrial detention. In the motion, the government alleged that there were no conditions of release which would reasonably assure the defendant's appearance as required or the safety of any other person and the community.

Brown will remain behind bars until his trial date on January 16, 2018. Both parties have until December 11, 2017 for any pretrial motions.

Brown is also facing 110 charges of possession of child pornography and one count of possession with intention to promote child pornography, which he was arrested for in June.

Brown began working at region 16 in 2004, when he was initially hired as a school business service specialist. His last listed position was director of school finance operations

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