Academy of Pediatrics recommends flu shot, not flu mist this year

    Academy of Pediatrics recommends flu shot, not flu mist this year. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

    It's that time of year again, flu-shot season.

    This year, the Academy of Pediatrics is urging parents to take caution before deciding which form of the vaccination they get for their kids.

    There's either a flu shot, or a flu mist that parents can choose. However, doctors say recent studies show one is more effective.

    Amarillo Mom, Amber Ferguson said she's been getting her son EJ flu shots since he was a baby.

    "It's not too bad," said Ferguson. "Tell them they're checking their muscles and go in and get it and don't talk about it too much."

    Ferguson said she prefers the shot over the mist that goes up the nose.

    "I feel like with the needle, I know that all of the medicine gets in there," said Ferguson. "I feel like it's more effective."

    Doctor Mariada George of Panhandle Pediatrics said Ferguson is right. Doctors have seen better results with the shot rather than the flu mist.

    "They look and say oh, well x-number of people with the shot still got the flu, and x-number of people with the nose spray still got the flu, and it turned out so many more with the nose spray got the flu," said George.

    George said some parents choose the flu mist versus the shot, so that their kids can avoid needles.

    "A shot hurts, period," said George.

    But with the mist, Dr. George said it has a live virus that can potentially make you sick.

    "It is true," she said. "The nose spray, theoretically you can get sick from it, because it's not killed."

    George said this alone, is a big reason they aren't recommending the mist this year.

    "I would say get the shot," said George. "if for some reason you're just thinking lets make life least get the nose spray."

    Ferguson said she takes doctors' recommendations seriously for the sake of her kids.

    "That's their job and we're trusting them with our kids," said Ferguson. "They're our doctor."

    Doctors are giving out flu shots now, and are urging parents to get these done sooner rather than later.

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