ABC 7 wraps up Monday Fritch fires

Crews battle fires in Fritch. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Drew Powell).

It's been a busy day filled with wildfires across the Texas Panhandle. A couple of fires in Fritch, affected nearby residents most.

Fritch Fire Chief, Ed Adamson tells ABC 7 around 12:30 this afternoon, crews responded to the Blue East RV fire. Right after that, the High Plains fire started in an area with very steep terrain. Adamson said crews from practically all over the Panhandle have helped out today. This includes helicopters and planes battling the fire from the air.

Folks in some areas did have to evacuate, and school bus routes were changed because of fires. But all in all, fire crew teamwork paid off.

As of 10pm on Tuesday, Adamson told ABC 7 both fires were 90 percent contained. He also said both combined burned a total of 501 acres.

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