ABC 7 looks ahead for what to expect remainder of fire season

ABC 7 looks ahead for what to expect remainder of fire season. (File photo: ABC 7 Amarillo).

It's the same tune we've been singing here in the Panhandle for months now. Storm Search 7 Meteorologist, Alyssa Pawlak and the rest of the ABC 7 weather team have been following models closely.

"The thing with this year that's different, is that we have that record streak," Pawlak said. "Dry weather for 126 days, at least without any measurable moisture."

Pawlak explained that sea surface temperatures have been off.

"Believe it or not, ocean currents [and] temperatures, those impact our weather on a major scheme," she said.

But Pawlak said models show trends of water moving back toward their average temperatures soon.

"I can't sit here and promise a bunch of rain, but I do think that we're going to see more as we get into the summer versus what we've seen obviously throughout the winter, and so far this spring," Pawlak said.

While the Panhandle is still in dangerous conditions, Pawlak said it's not a bad idea to keep abiding by burn ban regulations.

"It's recommended that you kind of clean up outside of your house," she said. "Make sure you don't have any dead vegetation or just items around that could catch fire."

And keeping the vision of better days in mind, may make bearing the heat of fire season a little cooler.

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