11th Annual Ride for the Cure

Motorcyclists 'Ride for the Cure' in its 11th annual year.

Amarillo motorcyclists revved their engines up for a good cause today.

"I try to talk to everybody, that has had breast cancer, and let them know that, 'hey, you can still live a life even though you've had cancer," motorcyclist and 2010 breast cancer survivor," Fay Frogge said.

She says she's been riding for a cure for four years now.

"It's a beautiful community, we all love each other," Frogge said. "It's just like one big happy family."

In the 11th annual event, coordinators say riding for a cure and supporting the cause is still important.

"People don't realize how expensive it is until they have to go through it," Lynn Ioor, Ride for the Cure coordinator, said.

For those that don't know, here's how it works: Motorcyclists donate to ride and make stops at different businesses in Amarillo, and these businesses then donate to the cause too.

"It all adds up, that's why we're here today: to raise enough money to last a year," Glyndia Keiser, Ride for the Cure coordinator said.

That way when breast cancer victims need help throughout the seasons, the organization will have the funds to lend a helping hand.

"We pick women in the surrounding area to help pay their bills, their co-pays, doctor bills, medical bills, just anything they may need," Ioor said.

Year after year, Ioor says motorcyclists are always eager to help the cause.

And as for the breast cancer survivor and rider? She says she doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

"As long as I can, probably until they put me into the ground," Frogge said.

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