10-year-old Texas boy delivers 80 blankets and 12 tents to homeless community

Kahlon Ingham, 10, delivers 80 blankets and 12 tents to the homeless community. (KVII)

AMARILLO, Texas (KVII) - Counting to make sure everything that's been collected is all there and then packing it up into two vehicles means one thing for 10-year-old Kahlon Ingham.

"It's delivery day!" Kahlon said.

It all started with a simple idea in Kahlon's young mind.

"I just saw people homeless and they needed shelter," Kahlon said.

Now, it's turned into something very real that is helping keep Amarillo's homeless community warmer as temperatures drop.

"Whenever people are in need and they receive something, I think that they're going to be very gracious," Kahlon's father, Kyle Ingham, said.

The homeless people they delivered to were very gracious. The turnout of the crowd speaks volumes and shows the true impact these warm gifts collected will make.

"There are people who really do need this and I'm just really proud that my brother has the heart to be able to come out here and give people what they need," Kahlon's sister, Alli Ingham, said.

Ray Crawford, a family friend of Kahlon's, has experience serving Amarillo's homeless population and says he was more than pleased to help coordinate the perfect area for Kahlon's delivery.

"Most of us are two paychecks away from being there. I mean, this can change at any time for any of us," Crawford said.

Moving forward, Kahlon and his family say this is something they'll try to keep doing.

"It's looking through the world in the eyes of a child," Kyle Ingham said. "Some of us see people that we want to help and we don't know how, and a 10-year-old boy can look at something and say, 'This is the way we address it and this is the way we help people.'"

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