New exhibition coming soon to the Amarillo Museum of Art

    There is only one rule for submissions, the artwork must be 3D

    For Alex Gregory, art is the most powerful expression. He said it's meant to challenge your ideas, your feelings, even your inner self.

    "These sorts of things exist for a moment, and then they're locked in your memory,â?? Gregory said. â??I think that's the power of art, to make you think creatively, to broaden your perspective."

    He said that's why he's so excited about the new Biennial-600 Exhibition that's coming to the Amarillo Museum of Art in just two short weeks.

    "The juror had 350 artworks to choose from, and eventually chose 123 pieces so that's what we'll have in this exhibition," Gregory said.

    Gregory said there was only one guideline for submissions, they must be 3 dimensional.

    "If you think about it, artwork in three dimensions is pretty much what we live with,â?? Gregory said. â??Some of these artists made their sculptures out of objects that you live with."

    Even sculptures made of human hair, but to Gregory, that's what makes his job so fun.

    "It's interesting for me to see what other people are doing with the materials that I've used in the past,â?? Gregory said. â??I have this direct interest in seeing what sculpture can be."

    And other museum officials agree, Kay Kennedy said it's heartwarming to see the public getting so involved with art again.

    "I came from a family where the generations appreciated art,â?? Kennedy said. â??Whether it was music or art for the walls or sculpture, my family had a strong tradition of supporting and enjoying the arts."

    Kennedy and Gregory both said the public will be shocked by some of the items on display.

    "Even with me, there are things that are going to be in this exhibition that are going to challenge what I consider to be sculpture or even maybe artwork," Gregory concluded.

    Gregory said the museum is free of charge, and the exhibit will open on the evening of August 14 and will remain on display until October 9. For more details about this exhibit or about the Amarillo Museum of Art, click here.

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