Identical triplet boys born in Amarillo are 'one in a million'

    The happy couple holds their three new bundles of joy

    Yolanda Ontiveros said she never expected her life to be filled with so much joy.

    "That moment it changed my life, it changed both of our lives,â?? Yolanda said. â??But I wouldnâ??t change it for the world.â??

    And all at once, Yolanda gave birth to not one, not two, but three identical boys last month.

    "Every pain and everything that I've dealt with, it's definitely worth it," she said.

    But at first the Ontiveros couple was shocked; they said they were overwhelmed just like their family and friends.

    "I cried, I'm not going to lie,â?? Yolanda said. â??I was very terrified."

    And the pregnancy wasnâ??t just stressful on Yolanda, her husband Arturo was also anxious about the arrival of their three boys.

    "From the get go they told us that they were going to be premature,â?? the father said. â??It's just a fear of their health. That's all we were praying for, just that they were healthy."

    The young parents got their wish; Abe, Max and Lex have grown nearly two pounds in the last month.

    "They all three have somewhat of a personality already,â?? Arturo explained. â??Max is the smallest, but I think the strongest out of the three. I think Abe is the quieter one, he sleeps the best. And I think Lex he's the grumpiest one of the three I believe."

    Nurses said if the babies continue to grow, they should be released from the hospital here in the next couple of weeks.

    "Coming home to an empty house and dealing with that emotion is very difficult," Yolanda said.

    The parents said they are more than ready to take home their three news bundles of joy.

    "I'm excited about having three more boys to add to the one boy that I already have,â?? Arturo said as he laughed. â??I'm a big sports buff so I'm already thinking that I already have half a basketball team between these three and my two year old boy at home."

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