Amarillo store pops up at Hollywood awards show

It's not often we see a major connection between what's going on in Hollywood and the Texas Panhandle, but a definite connection is taking place that's putting a local company on the radar screen in Los Angeles, and the buzz has everyone popping.

Sure, the Texas Panhandle is known for a few things, such as our wide open spaces or that big hole in the ground...and now for its popcorn.

Groovy Pop Popcorn located at 34th and Bell has only been open a short time, and in this new location for a couple months...but their popcorn must be pretty good, because the producers of the Daytime Emmy Awards Show called recently and placed an order, a big order.

1,000 bags to be exact. A big order for co-owner, Tracy Tucker.

"They actually contacted us and they said they had researchers who found our company and thought it would be a great new upcoming company with a really fun product and it would be great in their bags," Tucker said.

Tracy and her employees and a few volunteers were busy today filling up the swag bags in a rainbow pattern, following a flavor menu that can be found in the back of the store.

She said popcorn is her favorite snack, and when the former popcorn place she used to frequent went out of business and being on the road a lot, she missed popcorn here.

"I am on the road a lot and I love popcorn, and I would bring back all I could find for everyone and we remember when Popcorn Pantry qwas here and so we decided to bring it back."

So now the race is on to get all the popcorn flavored, popped and bagged so it can find it's place in the bag of swag. in fact, you might say SWAG Stands for "Sealed With A Groovy pop!" Or as Tracy notes already on their website...

"Our tagline says the Daytime Emmys are going to be a little GROOVY and we just thought that would be fun."

She says they make up around 100 different flavors for their popped delicacy and invites anyone in who wants to sample the same product the stars will be munching on later this month.

"We just really love our customers and try to give them the best product we can."

And in case you want to watch the daytime emmy awards, they can be seen on HLN this year on Sunday, June 23rd begging at 7 central time...Keep an eye out for the rainbow colored swag that everyone will be munching on.

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