6th Street Massacre brings haunted house horror to Amarillo

    While it doesn't feel like it, it is that time of year again when the leaves begin to fall and Halloween excitement is in the air. Bringing the thrill early this year to Amarillo is the 6th Street Massacre Haunted House.

    It's your favorite scary movie like you've never seen before you will get to experience scenes and sounds with the ultimate thrill.

    "It's like saw, house of a thousand corpses; we have many movies and many flavors. You'll see them; you'll remember the movie when you see a different scene," said Mike Fisher Owner of 6th Street Massacre.

    With recreating different scenes, the haunted house crew has really worked to give the community something to scream about.

    "We're one of the few haunted houses that you wear 3D glasses through part of it. And we've painted it with special painting techniques," said Fisher. "The walls, and the paintings and the props really jump out at you."

    Jump is exactly what you'll do.

    "We also have some original scenes that are just inspired by our actors. This year we've added a huge clown room and we've added about 20 thousand dollars in props. As you can see behind me, this is one of our high tech props," said Fisher.

    Hundreds of props and new material has been added to this year's house, making the experience, once in a lifetime.

    "They're always scared; I've never seen one person not scared," said Victoria Fisher who helps a the house.

    6th Street Massacre is one of the most popular haunted houses in the region and recently gained national attention

    "We were featured not too long ago on the biography channel, on My Ghost Story. We've had actual paranormal activity here, like ghost spotting and people reporting their hair got pulled," said Victoria.

    Helping open the doors Friday and Saturday night at seven, will be the original Michael Myers to meet with fans.

    In the panhandle spirit, if you go Sunday nights, part of your ticket purchase will be given to the family of fallen Amarillo soldier, Genaro Bedoy.

    Hours & Dates September 22nd (Saturday) 7 p.m. - Midnight September 28-29 (Fri - Sat) 7 p.m. - Midnight September 30 (Sun) 7 p.m. - 10 p.m.

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