Salute the Badge: Law enforcement veteran continues to serve and protect

On a snowy, dreary day while most folks are probably inside keeping warm, Lieutenant Tim Williams with the Randall County Sheriff's Office is outside in the frigid temperatures instructing students at the Amarillo Gun Range.

He took a day off from his day job and instead of relaxing, he's teaching folks gun maneuvers.

"We have them for 48 hours of firearms training," Williams said. "I'm taking vacation for this to teach."

No doubt, he's dedicated. And determined, in keeping the peace in the Panhandle. He's been serving and protecting since he graduated from West Texas A&M University.

As part of a federal grant, he was able to attend WT free of tuition with the intent to serve a few years in law enforcement upon graduation.

"I thought, free college! I'm gonna go get my degree. And when I get out, I'll do a few years and if I don't like it, I'll get out," Williams said.

But, he fell in love with it.

He started as a rookie at the Amarillo Police Department. He worked his way up to SWAT Supervisor and retired after 32 years with the force.

"I really enjoyed it. I made a lot of great friends and met a lot of good people. Most of my work was up north. I loved working up in north Amarillo, wonderful people."

During that time, he handled countless situations; many of them he says he'll never forget.

"I can remember that we had a SWAT call up one time where the husband was torturing the wife, was holding her hostage with a weapon and had tortured the kids. Actually one of the children came up with a sign and put it and it said "Help Me" on the window. We came up with a great tactical plan. We were able to rescue all of them without a shot being fired because we surprised the guy. And so we didn't have to use deadly force against him and we were able to rescue three children and a wife."

He then began work as a courier for the Department of Energy serving as a contractor at Pantex. But after a couple years there, he got a phone call.

"Sheriff Joel Richardson offered me a job and I couldn't say no," Williams said.

The Randall County Sheriff made him an offer a few years back that he says he couldn't resist. Now, Williams is Lieutenant in charge of narcotics, the tactical unit and the range.

"You're not in the office. You're out and you meet people every day. It's something different every day and if you look at it with a positive attitude, it's a wonderful career. I've been truly blessed."

For his service and commitment, ABC 7 is proud to Salute Lieutenant Tim Williams.

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