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Salute the Badge: Randall County Sergeant Cody Jones

Randall County citizens were honored Tuesday night at the Randall County Sheriff's Office Citizen Academy graduation.

The Academy is a 12-week intensive course open to county residents to learn about how the Sheriff's Office operates.

"It's an opportunity for citizens to team up with the Randall County Sheriff's Office to see what we do," Sergeant Cody Jones said.

Jones is the Citizen's Academy Instructor. He's a Sergeant over Crime Prevention and Emergency Management.

Jones began working for Randall County at the first of the year, but he's no stranger to law enforcement. He started more than 20 years ago with the Potter County Sheriff's Office and then moved to the Canyon Police Department where he spent 15 years.

For his service in protecting and teaching our community, ABC 7 News salutes Randall County Sergeant Cody Jones.

MORE: Randall County Sheriff's Office Citizen Academy classes are held March through June on Tuesday nights.

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