Salute The Badge: Celebrating National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

ABC 7 News salutes the communications community during National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. (File)

ABC 7 is proud to recognize the 'first' first responders during National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week.

When a call comes in, the person answering the phone is prepared, controlled and ready to get the information needed to get help.

These unseen individuals work calmly behind the scenes while under great pressure. They use their instincts and work hard to make sure responders arrive quickly, sometimes in a matter of life or death.

First responders deal with tragedies, catastrophes and chaos many times in one day. It can take an emotional toll, not knowing what the next call may bring.

Some work around the clock, long nights, weekends and holidays to keep the public safe.

ABC 7 salutes the communications community across the area, the calming voice getting help to those who need it.

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