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Salute the Badge: Carson County Sheriff's Deputy J.C. Blackburn

Close to $600,000 in illegal funds found at a routine traffic stop in Carson County in May, according to the Carson County Sheriff's Office. (Photo: Carson County Sheriff's Office)

For Carson County Sheriff's Deputy J.C. Blackburn, law enforcement runs in the family.

He's been in Panhandle with the Sheriff's Office for the last 7 years, before that with the Pampa Police Department, and before that he served our country in the United States Marine Corps.

Deputy Blackburn 'grew up' in law enforcement. His father is the Donley County Sheriff and his brother is a deputy in Oldham County.

Just last week, Deputy Blackburn made one of his largest busts yet along Interstate 40. He said a routine traffic stop led to the seizure of more than $600,000 in illegal funds being transported across the country.

For his service in protecting the citizens of Carson County, ABC 7 News salutes Deputy J.C. Blackburn.

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